Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tangled Escher Pattern

Maurits Cornelis Escher, the master of pattern and print. I've always been fascinated by his work and my pattern is based on one of his most recognisable pieces. The boxes could be pointing upwards or, with a focal adjustment by the viewer, downwards.

I filled an evening by doodling tangly bits on each side, keeping the corresponding horizontal faces the same to ensure continuation of the pattern theme.

Then a surge of colour was needed. Looking at the Paperartsy Fresco Paint colour chart, I chose three tones from a single swatch; Limelight, Banana and Southern Skies. It was important to choose translucent colours so that my hard work was still visible.


Although the colours are clearly translucent (see what I did there?), they muted the black marks of my tangles. Time for my black and white pens again. I never really need an excuse to doodle. The Southern Skies was the biggest culprit. I didn't go over everything again, but I did add something to each face.

Ta da!

Love and peace x

I'm linking this up to Paperartsy's 2016 Topic 15: Patterns challenge, having been inspired to fill the boxes with Zentagles by Paperartsy's 2015 Topic 16: Circles challenge, strangely enough.


  1. This is stunning, I love MC Escher's work too - what a fabulous piece of art you've created.

  2. wow what a stunning piece - you must have so much patience xx

  3. Fantastic piece, so much work it it x


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