Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bubbles Books

In my last post, I made a masterboard using Paperartsy products. Every masterboard deserves a 'forever home' so I made the bubbles into two notebooks. I actually cut them too short so I used the strip that I'd cut off into two bookmarks with the addition of magnetic strips. I chomped the corners to make them look more finished and did the same with the book covers.

I didn't really want to add any further stamps to this piece as it may have destroyed the bubbles (and I would never let anyone burst my bubbles!), so I added the quote, 'There is no angry way to say "Bubbles"'. Then I did my usual doodly doo-dahs around them. Oh, I do so love bubbles and circles. Do you find that weird? Guess what? I don't care. Bubbles rock!

I added a lavender coloured eyelet with the help of my crop-a-dile and then I threaded carefully chosen glass and metal beads onto (probably too much) purple embroidery thread to form the wrap-around closure.

For the actual notebook bit, I made three signatures, each with 8 pages (4 x A4 sheets scored and folded in half). With the simplest long-stitch binding, the inside was soon finished.

Aah, if only I could leave well alone there. I carried on tweaking the cover and the bookmark, added the URL of my blog and forced myself to stop before it was overworked.


Love and peace x


  1. well you may have missed the deadline but it's a beaut! I love a good masterboard, me!

    1. It would have been a shame to waste it, Helen. Thanks muchly x

  2. Just perfect. Glad that your inner voice told you to stop. My inner voice often has laryngitis! X

    1. Ha! Mine was a bit croaky... 😂😂😂


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