Friday 24 February 2017

ZinskiArt Release Part 2

Good evening friends. Are you ready for more fun? I had loads of fun with ElenaZinskiArt's new stamp sets from Paperartsy. I hope you do too.  

I played a lot with backgrounds this time. For my first one, I brayered Rose, Bora Bora, Tinned Peas and Haystack Fresco Acrylics onto Smoothy Card and then I used every small, round stamp from all of the stamp sets to stamp Snowflake on top to knock back the brightness.

ZA09, ZA10, ZA11, ZA12

It made a great cover for a small notebook. I just stamped some flowers and a strategically placed bird on the top and painted with the same four colours that I'd started with.

Just some shading with coloured pencils to add some dimension and it was done.

I used the same background behind these wee monsters having a house party.

ZN01, ZN06, ZN07, ZA09, ZA12 

I die-cut three windows and then fussy-cut the stamped and painted monsters so that I could have them hanging out of the windows. I then popped them onto some foam squares to add a little dimension. Elena's new flowers are so beautiful and are a joy to paint. I added some to the outside of the house party to represent a pretty garden and finished them off with some coloured pencil shading.

I think this stamp release lends itself so well to cards and there is just something very anthropomorphic about them. Be careful though, once you see it, it's really hard to un-see it!


What spectacular hats they have. Very 'Dr. Seuss'. They just needed some cute little faces. The large flower already even had a nose and one eye! I just added the stubble and he is now a kindly father figure. The flower on the right is laughing at something the middle has said or done that he really ought to be sorry for. Again, I painted with Rose, Bora Bora, Tinned Peas and Haystack and added South Pacific, Claret and Pumpkin Soup for dimension.

Another flower, another person...


Those springy leaves reminded me of hands or, more specifically, Jazz Hands! There was plenty of space to add a pretty little face and the flower top became another hat.

One of the flower 'hats' reminded me of something else. I used a Post-it note to mask everything else off so that I could just ink the part that I wanted. Then I used more to mask the ice cream cone so that I could stamp the scoops.

I mixed up the aforementioned Fresco Acrylics to produce the background on this ATC and also for the little monster and the scoops of chocolate, pistachio and raspberry ripple ice cream. 

ZA03, ZA10 

More backgrounds now and time for Gelli plate fun. Using the same four colours, I brayered onto a 6" x 6" Gelli plate and pulled a print. I placed a stencil over the top and pulled another print, then flipped that stencil and pressed onto the other print, so on one print the stencil was used as a mask and on the other, it was used as a stamp.

Very often, I find the second, or ghost print to have more interesting patterns and textures than the first. I can always find a use for monoprints and this time, I chose one of my favourite projects - a matchbox with a miniature book inside.

I squeezed a small blob each of Claret and Bora Bora onto a rip-off palette and sprayed some water over the top until it resembled ink. Then I smooshed both parts of a large matchbox into the colour (on all four sides of each) and set it aside to dry.

When the matchbox was completely dry, I added strips of washi tape to the outer sleeve and some of the ghost monoprint, on a mat, to the top. A carefully chosen monster was stamped and painted on the print. Then some doodling with black and white gel pens finished him off... 

...except for the miniature book. I used another piece of print as the cover and folded some copy paper to form the pages, then I secured them together with staples on the spine. I masked off the monster so that I could just print his legs and I extended them further with a black pen. Then I added a tag as a drawer pull and heat-embossed the perfect sentiment on top.

I stamped all of the flowers on the pages of the book and coloured with co-ordinating pencils. 

ZA09, ZA10, ZA11 

This has to be my favourite project of my time as ElenaZinskiArt's wingman. I try to find something to giggle at every day and this long-legged lovely made it easy. I have, of course, loved every other minute working with Elena, Leandra and Lauren. It's been nice to see alternative shapes and characters in the stamps.

I'm sure you'll find even more fun things to do with these stamps.

Love and peace,

Wendy x

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  1. Thanks for all the fun and great samples Wendy xx

  2. Jazz hands and long legs are my faves amongst your brilliant creativity. Fantastic work from you all!!! Ruth x

  3. Freakin' awesome! The jazz hands are GENIUS! Fabulous fun samples all around. I salute you! Lx

  4. what beautiful samples! love them all, so clever!

  5. Love the little books in your matchboxes, magical.

  6. Great fun! Love the small books, so original!


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